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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

phenomenon de cumbia

here at last, i say that cause my last cumbia mix was made over a year ago.. i just have too many styles of genres that influence me and mostly too much work that takes up my time. i also had to deal with the fact that i didn't start collecting cumbia until recently.. i've always loved cumbia but until soundcloud came about i had no source for cumbia and more especially electronic cumbia or cumbia digital as it is called in spanish.

well, here is a journey for your cumbia pleasure, starting @73bpm and progressing to a finale @ 120 bpm, that was a goal of mine to move from 73-120, its about the only theme i had for this mix except for i knew it would be mostly electronica.

i always wondered when this moment would come when i would actually feel comfortable calling myself a dj..
i feel more inspired to produce my own music now. i would rather use live instruments over digital programming but we shall see.. maybe i'll get signed and someone will buy me a studio one day. yeah, i wish right? but, have a look at this

they follow me on SC, i guess it means something if they have 5500 followers and only follow 245 people. oh, and can i mention who they represent?

International booking agency, exclusively representing the following DJ & live acts:

Brett Johnson // Chris Coco // Derrick Carter // Freaks // Freemasons // Gene Farris // Giom // Gregor Tresher // Inland Knights // Jet Project // Josh Wink //Luke Solomon // Mark Farina // Max Cooper // Mihalis Safras // Mr C // Nathan Coles // Perc // Pirupa // Ripperton // Riva Starr // Shlomi Aber // Terry Francis // X-Press 2 // Yolanda Be Cool

LABEL NIGHTS/COLLECTIVES: Classic // Jack // Ovum // Snatch! // Superfreq // Wiggle

even if it never comes true, i am still honored to be followed by such representation of talent..


to plant the tree of tomorrow (part1+2)

greetings and warm wishes, thanks for stopping in. haven't had the chance to post recently cause of my random decision to join tumblr. anyhow, here i am, although a bit late here none the less. ok, so,, this track or mashup is a combination of two tracks back to back with an audio book excerpt from the masked man whose voice conveys the heart and mind of the indigenous mexican.
the story is simple but the message is pure and will grow within you with time.

part 1 was recorded in january, 2011 on the fly without notes.
part 2 came about almost by miracle because i never thought i would ever find another remix worthy of doing part2 of the audiobook justice. in december of 2011 El Remolon made his "lamento de la selva rmx" almost a year later and @100bpm.. i needed part 2 to run @ 99 bpm, so it truly was meant to be. within a few minutes of having the idea in my head i had part 2 done, mixed with part1, and uploaded to SC..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure (Ambient/Progressive House/Trance)

time to rewind and reevaluate the past and no better way than by digging these mixes back out to share.

sasha and digweed aka northern exposure.. i really liked their style back in the day (95-), it's the type of music that inspired me to want to make my own mixes.

mostly space travel tunes with a touch of progressive vocals and ambient silhouettes. i'll let these mixes do the talking.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tribal Flora, Mumbai, India

Dropping in to add some material from my new favorite band/artists/jam circle.

Here is what they say about themselves on their soundcloud profile .

Natural music flows when thoughts are set aside and pure expression of the innermost comes out. This is exactly how we like to make music. Tribal Flora is a project that materialized 3 years ago. It started out as a group of friends casually meeting up and jamming out the sunsets at Cater road. Initially we did only percussive jam sessions using didgeridoos, djembes, morsings and various indigenous drums. The sound gradually crystallized into a form which was earthy and primal. One day we were asked to do a gig, so we came up with a name and went on stage.
More recently, we've built upon the solid foundation of tribal rhythm and added a variety of flavour to our music to create a unique sound. We include elements from Indian classical, tribal/folk, western(classical,jazz, blues, reggae, rock), electronica, DnB and psychedelic music. Our sonic arsenal comprises of various indigenous as well as mainstream instruments: We got tablas, djembes, a drumkit, didgeridoos, kalimba, guitars, morsings or mouth harps, flute and digital sound synthesis elements(MIDI/sequencer).
A lot of the inspiration is drawn from nature. We've spent a lot of time outdoors together,often jamming with the insects, birds, rivers, wind and fire. The majority of our music is spontaneously improvised.
All of us in the band are different people, coming from different backgrounds, musical influences and training. The common ground beneath our feet is the love for music, higher living, freedom and basically having a truly great time. Music is an excellent medium to cultivate, communicate and set aside boundaries.

Chillout Downtempo Jam (LIVE) by tribalflora

Dh-DHom Dhom by tribalflora

listen to all their tracks on soundcloud @


Monday, April 4, 2011